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Complete pet care

Rest assured knowing your pet is a part of our family when you leave them with us. Fontana Animal Hospital takes pride in our care for your pet. From physical exams to surgery, come to us for complete pet care.

Monitor your pet's health

Monitor your pet's health with our physical exams. Fontana Animal Hospital cares about your pet. Come to professionals with the knowledge and experience to keep your dog or cat healthy.


Bring your pet to us at least once a year for their routine checkup so that we can do a full physical exam. Our meticulous staff will make sure your pet has a clean bill of health.

Bring your pet to us for their physical exam

   •   Check the ears for infections and parasites

   •   Check teeth and mouth for gum infections and bad teeth

   •   Brush teeth (we use a mild anesthesia)

   •   Check fur and skin for deficiencies

   •   Listen to heart for irregularities in the heart beat

   •   Check eyes, nose and paws to see if nails need trimming

   •   Feel the abdomen for abnormalities and gland exam

Bring your pet to us for their routine physical exam.

Make your pet's appointment today!


Keep your pet healthy with our routine vaccinations. Stop by our hospital today and see what we can do for you.

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