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Welcome to Fontana Animal Hospital New Website! We are located in the beautiful city of Fontana at 16153 Foothill Blvd on the southeast corner right across from Chase Bank. We love animals so bring yours in for an exam today!


Here at Fontana Animal Hospital we understand how precious your pet is to your family. Dr. Zafer and his staff value the trust you place in us and our facility to care for your pet from birth to its golden years. Our veterinary team is dedicated to providing the best medical care and customer service as we promote a better community thru the health of our furry friends.

Meet Dr. Zafer

I understand that your pet is an important member of your family, and I want to provide them with the highest quality medical and surgical care possible. Beginning with routine preventive care for your puppies and kittens to treatment for your senior pets. We at Fontana Animal Hospital are committed to providing quality veterinary care throughout the life of your pet. I hope to provide you with the information you need regarding your pet’s health. Working together to keep your pet healthy and help them recover from illness or injury is my primary goal. I am able to perform routine surgeries, orthopedic procedures and dental care on site, and encourage you to call for a visit.

Meet our office manager - Angel Sanchez

I’ve worked at Fontana Animal Hospital for four years, going on five. I have a cat; her name is “Mama Kitty” I rescued her from FAH. I found her one morning when I came into work. She was left in the front of the hospital with a litter of 13 kittens all shoved in a box. After all the kittens were weaned and adopted I took “Mama Kitty” home! I plan on getting a dog for my two daughters when they are a little older, a bit more responsible and when I myself, am able to be financially a support and care for my future dog like every pet owner should be when it comes time for pet adoption. Q: What I love working at Fontana Animal Hospital is that I get to work with animals, Its something I always wanted to do since I was a little girl. Even though I see now, that it is much more than cute puppies and kittens and at times it can get messy really both physically and emotionally, just knowing that I have helped so many clients and their pets gives me a greater feeling of accomplishment and makes me love my job that much more.

Meet our experienced staff. We take pride in caring for your pet.

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I've worked at Fontana Animal Hospital for Ten months. I love pets! I myself have three dogs. “Lilly” (the mom) “Trixie and Chiquis” (the daughters).

Meet our K-Laser and X-Ray Technician - Connie Alvarez

I've worked at Fontana Animal Hospital for two months. I own three dogs “Lilly” the mom, and her two daughters “Trixie and Chiquis” I love working with animals, nursing them back to health from their injuries or illnesses.

Meet our Veterinary Assistant - Vanessa Alvarez

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