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All Major Surgeries performed in House.


Now your pet can be cared for by the loving staff at Fontana Animal Hospital. A surgical speicalist will visit once a week to peform all necessary major surgeries such as ACL, FHO, all major bone surgeries and more.


Major Bone Surgeries

All bone surguries including  FHO, TTA, and  ACL are now done weekly by our visiting surgical specialist for your pet's comfort and your convenience.  You no longer need to make a second trip to Orange County or Los Angeles, to receive proper treatment.  This will save you time and money and eliminate the specialist office exam fees.

Protect your pet from harm and keep them healthy!

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Soft Tissue Surgeries and Procedures

All Soft tissue surgeries are now available at Fontana Animal Hospital including Pyometra and C-sections. The more common soft tissue surgeries like large and small lacerations, spay and neuter, laser surgical procedures and abcess / tumor removal are done on a daily basis.


Pyrometra Surgery | Tumor Surgery (Before) | Tumor Surgery (After)

Pelvic right leg (before and after)

Front Left Leg (Before)

Front Left Leg (Before)

Right Pelvic Leg (Before)

Right Pelvic Leg (After)

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Right Front leg (before)

Right Front leg (after)

Pellet removed from Right Front leg by our specialist.


Surgery was done on March 7, 2019.